David Bowie’s Fashion Legacy

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The world lost another with the passing of David Bowie. Not only was he a music icon, he also helped revolutionize the fashion world, and no it wasn’t just with his hit song, Fashion. Here are some of the ways David Bowie’s own personal style inspired the fashion world, with just a few sequins and jumpsuits along the way.


Whether he was in a loose blouse or a dress, what made Bowie’s take on androgynous clothing great was his genuine interest in what he wore. Unlike other performers who choose a gender bending spin for shock and awe, Bowie chose pieces that he was genuinely interested in. Plus, he wore clothing that was refined and crisp, making this take on androgynous clothing more fashionable than shocking. A lasting example of this can be seen in Tilda Swinton’s style, which is largely influenced by Bowie.

Ziggy Stardust

No one can speak about David Bowie’s style without a mention of Ziggy Stardust. An alter ego, Bowie stunned crowds in the early 1970s with his colorful jumpsuits and sequined outfits. He incorporated his androgynous style, but amped it up with unexpected touches like a neon colored mullet wig and face makeup. The alien-esque fictional rock star has inspired countless designers and fashion publications, who favor bright mullets paired with shiny jumpsuits and colorful makeup.

Dapper English

Once Bowie finished his Stardust phase, he turned up the charm and added dapper to his fashion resume. He favored well-tailored suits, pants, and button-up shirts with a swift wave of blonde hair. Although he was near his elder years, this look embraced his English good looks and made him appear like a well-coiffed Rockabilly star.

Bowie has inspired countless editorials, collections, and style influencers. His music has spanned millions, but it was his fashion that helped make the industry more inclusive and creative. Even a couple years before his death, Bowie starred in a Louis Vuitton advertisement, a rarity for someone past 50. Although he’s no longer a part of this world, his inspirational style will be remembered for years to come.

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