Rodarte and Fournier’s Dusty Art


Marie-Blanche-Hennelle Fournier, The Madame B Collection (1870s) via Art Institute of Chicago

Although not inspired by one another, French artist Marie-Blanche-Hennelle Fournier and sister designer duo Rodarte have favored dusty blues, golds, and reds for their respected arts.

Artist Fournier was a member of French society who used the new technology of photography to create collages. Made from personal photographs, these collages are still recognized for their beauty and craft.

Embed from Getty Images

In the piece above, one can see the similarities in color with Rodarte’s Fall 2014 Ready to Wear collection. Gaining attention for their Star Wars inspired gowns, many overlooked the opening pieces of their collection. Crocheted tops and dresses with billowy bottoms, the house chose an unusual color combination to balance their child-like silhouettes.

Embed from Getty Images


For more on Marie-Blanche-Hennelle Fournier, check out the Art Institute of Chicago’s collection for her work.


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