The Hunt For Bounty Hunter Style

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For fashionistas and bounty hunters alike, there is a thrill in the act of the hunt. Shoppers find excitement in cheap deals, while bounty hunters get their kicks engaging in high-speed chases looking for criminals. What brings these polar opposites together is the importance of personal style.

A bounty hunter’s appearance is one of authority. It is a job that relies on aggressive and intimidating behavior. Clothing is used to reflect this tough persona and to send a message to those with a bounty on their head. No matter how stylish, an eyelet dress doesn’t look as threatening as a pair of black leather pants.

Who Wears It?

The bounty hunter’s look is based on the wearer’s own personal style.

Former Hawaiian bounty hunter-turned-A&E reality star Duane “Dog” Chapman is iconic for his aggressive look. With sun-bleached skin, a peroxide dyed blonde mullet, leather vests, and 90s-era sunglasses, Chapman’s look is a combination of biker and beach bum.

Another was Domino Harvey. A former model and daughter of famous entertainers, Harvey formed her own presence through a shaved head and lots of leather. Although a rarity in this field because of her gender, Harvey kept to the tough theme in a black leather jacket and a bullet belt wrapped around her shoulder.

So what about the girly girl? As heard in a description of Zora, a bounty hunter featured in the episode “Superpowers,” on the podcast This American Life, a sexy appearance can also be characteristic of bounty style. “I notice this Amazon of a woman with huge blond and red-streaked hair and frosty lips,” Kelly Mcevers describes in the TAL podcast, “wearing a short red tank dress and at least 50 bracelets. She’s six feet tall and showing a lot of leg…” Although not as literal as the look of Dog or Harvey, Zora’s appearance was based on the intimidation factor of a sexy woman.

A Badass Uniform

Although not every bounty hunter is clad in leather or an Amazon, the style culture of this community is loud and brash. Bounty style is a unique clothing choice that differs from its career peers, like the uniforms of police or mall security. It is a ‘make your own rules’ dress code with the aim to look as badass as possible.


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