The Hunt For Bounty Hunter Style

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For fashionistas and bounty hunters alike, there is a thrill in the act of the hunt. While shoppers find an excitement in cheap deals, bounty hunters get their kicks engaging in high speed chases looking for criminals. What also brings these polar opposites together is personal style.

A bounty hunter’s appearance is one of authority. It is a job that relies on aggressive and intimidating behavior that uses clothing to reflect it’s unorthodox manner.

For example, no matter how stylish, an eyelet dress doesn’t look as threatening as a pair of black leather pants.

Who Wears It?

The bounty hunter look isn’t uniform, rather it concentrates on their own personal style.

Hawaiian bounty hunter turned A&E reality star Duane “Dog” Chapman has become iconic for his aggressive look. With sun bleached skin, a peroxide dyed blonde mullet, leather vests and 90s era sunglasses, Chapman’s look is a combination of biker and beach bum that was television gold for years.

Another is Domino Harvey. A former model and daughter of famous entertainers, Harvey formed her own presence through a shaved head and leather wares. Although a rarity in the field because of her gender, Harvey kept to the tough theme in a black leather jacket and jeans with a bullet belt wrapped around her shoulder.

So what about the girly girl? As heard in a description of Zora, a bounty hunter featured in “Superpowers,” an episode on the podcast This American Life, a sexy appearance can also be a characteristic of bounty style. ”Not long into the first one, I notice this Amazon of a woman with huge blond and red-streaked hair and frosty lips,” Kelly Mcevers stated in the TAL podcast,”wearing a short red tank dress and at least 50 bracelets. She’s six feet tall and showing a lot of leg…”

Although not every bounty hunter is clad in leather or a sexy Amazon, the culture of style in the bounty community is brash and loud. It is a unique style choice that differs from it’s career peers, like the uniforms of police or mall security,  that makes it’s own rules both on the job and in dress.

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