Joan Crawford’s New Hollywood Style

Embed from Getty Images

When awards season rules the early months of pop culture, the red carpet is one of the major sources making the fashion news. From, “Who Wore What?” to “The Best Dressed,” the media performs their usual tally. However, this past awards season mirrored an Old Hollywood icon that was known for her strong statement dressing, Joan Crawford.

Although the most memorable sartorial reference of Joan is her, “No more wire hangers” moment, there’s more than a silly phrase to Joan’s style. In photographs, red carpets, and film, Joan’s style was a combination of glamour and a strong feminine air. Joan used her clothing as a catalyst for her rise to fame, and was known to carefully choose what she wore by embracing the trends that flattered her petite build and angular face. This, and her fine acting skills, may have been why Joan was able to extend her career in a field that prized youth over experience. It also seems that actresses are taking note and wearing unapologetically strong, yet glamorous statement pieces on the red carpet.


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