Jane Holzer’s Art Scene Style

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When thinking about a Warhol Star, Edie Sedgwick almost always comes to mind. However there was another girl about town that shined in Andy Warhol’s eye before Edie was ever in the picture. Meet Jane Holzer.

Recognized for her swoosh of blonde hair and trendy style, Jane Holzer was a well-known socialite both on and off the New York art scene. The editor of Vogue Diana Vreeland once dubbed her, “The most contemporary girl I know.”

Born in a wealthy family, Jane entered the social scene as a model after being photographed by David Bailey in 1963 for English Vogue. There are a number of stories on how Andy met Jane, but it is agreed that it was in the 1963 party scene.

Jane appealed to Andy Warhol through her hip beauty and wealthy connections. Her work with Warhol consisted of performing in a number of his art films, including the iconic “Screen Test,” which filmed Jane brushing her teeth for over four minutes.

Some may identify her with the name Baby Jane, which is a reference to the 1962 film “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?” Although she was in her twenties at the time and not an over-done actress as was the original character, it was columnist Carol Bjorkman who gave her the moniker for no apparent reason. When asked about her opinion of the nickname, Jane has stated that she “wanted to die” after hearing it.

After shooting multiple films with Warhol, Jane left The Factory “between Edie’s arrival and when Andy got shot.” Although she has been affiliated with Warhol, she isn’t remembered for the extensive drug use and partying that plagued The Factory. She still had an amicable relationship with Warhol until his death and would see him at social events. In 2014, the Norton Museum of Art held an exhibition “To Jane, Love Andy: Warhol’s First Superstar,” that displayed works of art, fashion, and photography of Jane in relation to Warhol.

Untitled design-63

Jane Holzer’s Clothing via The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Jane’s style was rock n’ roll on 5th Avenue. It was au courant without excessive embellishments. She would mix classic with sexy by wearing a micro minidress that was covered up to her neck or a long-sleeved bodysuit with a revealing back. When paired with her gravity defying hair and cat-eye makeup, Jane was a striking figure.

Today, Jane is still present on the art scene and makes a living as a movie producer. She also sports her signature blonde mane and wears loose, bohemian gowns. She has even been seen on the short-lived reality show “Gallery Girls” as a wizened guide to socialites on the art scene. Although The Factory’s party has ended, it appears Jane’s style fest is still going strong.


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