The Surprisingly Political Fashions of Baddie Winkle

Embed from Getty Images

Although nearing her 90’s, style sensation Baddie Winkle is the face of the nouvelle late 1980s and early 1990’s stoner fashions that is sweeping youth culture. Favoring neon colored pieces with sassy sayings and hip hop influences, Winkle is a modern fashion icon who found fame through her ever popular Instagram page.

Pop culture figures like Miley Cyrus, whose personal style mirrors Winkle, and Nicole Richie have buddied up with the social media sensation and featured her in many of their projects, including Cyrus’ hosting gig at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

In order to get the signature Winkle style, it’s all about loud prints and funny messages with a wink. Winkle favors marijuana-inspired pieces and hip hop style that references catchy keywords like, “dimepiece.” Winkle’s outfits never repeat, one day she’s spotted in a 90’s-esque Tommy Hilfiger tube top and micro mini lace-up skirt, while the next she’s dressed liked a sparkly 80’s B-girl. She also isn’t known for her minimalism. Accessories have become a major part of her appearance, where she usually sports a highly detailed choker, ornate sunglasses, and maybe a fur coat or two.

Before she became an Internet meme, Baddie’s style was less manicured. According to older pictures on her Instagram, Baddie favored tie-dye t-shirts and jean shorts. However, as her fame grew and has had access to more clothing options, her wardrobe has become more ornate and put together.

Although her wardrobe is more high-end, Baddie has always spoken through her clothes. She is one of the oldest public figures to embrace a stoner aesthetic that evokes a free and easy lifestyle, but is still a political statement nonetheless. With the slow legalization of marijuana in the United States, the stigma of the drug is starting to shed. However it is still an extremely taboo subject with Americans at Baddie’s age. Her fashions and public image challenge the notion that marijuana is a street drug and is instead, something that can be celebrated and enjoyed. But according to Baddie, she’s never engaged in the drug.

With Baddie also sporting B-girl fashions, she is also making a comment on sex. Although she’s nearing her 90s, Baddie was born in 1928, she can sport a revealing outfit as well as any 20 something, as proven by her thousand plus likes on every one of her Instagram posts.

Older women like Winkle are finding a spot in fashion due to the industry’s growing appreciation for great ageless style. Many young millennials and Gen Zs see Winkle as their cool grandmother whose closet they all want to steal from. And according to her Instagram, young people will be vying for her style for years to come.


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