Fashion Is Looking A Lot Like Lady Miss Kier’s Groovy Style

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There has been a psychedelic 1960s reprisal in fashion this past summer, and let’s just say, it’s pretty groovy. Now these bright wares can be seen on the Resort runways of Moschino, Miu Miu and Issey Miyake.

As designers craft these graphic looks, the image of Lady Miss Kier comes to mind. Kier blended 1990s club style with upscale 1960s Emilio Pucci fashions all while singing her hit song, “Groove Is In The Heart,” with the dance band Deee-Lite.

Ooh La La
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Although she gained fame as a singer, Lady Miss Kier has built up a reputation for her New York City club persona. Kier began her career in pre-hipster Williamsburg and frequented drag clubs.

According to Lily Golightly in “Lady Miss Kier”on, Lady Miss Kier is much more than just a singer. “She was also the producer, the songwriter, and costume designer…What she loves doing is creating art- whether it be costumes, songs, or even projections and animations.” Kier attended FIT, which is where she picked up her love for Emilio Pucci, but found much of her design experience on the streets. “The prostitutes in the neighborhood (early 80’s Williamsburg) became her muses as she forayed into the world of fashion designing,” wrote Lily Golightly “…And sold them to mostly drag queens.” Kier used her design skills to build costume for bands, which then led her to forming Deee-Lite.

Groove Is In The Style
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As she gained momentum with Deee-Lite in 1990, Kier developed her famous style. A harlequin bodysuit accessorized with pop art rings, sky high block heels, and a wide headband featured in “Groove Is In The Heart” made her an icon of the 90s. Her look mirrored the ultra feminine, sexpot styles of 1960s actresses, like Ann-Margaret, while she channeled popular 90s club fashion in fur chubbies and latex-esque materials. To enhance her look, Kier wore heavy thick eyeliner, white face powder, and turned out bouffants that look straight out of Barbarella. Her style was so influential that she modeled for both a cover and editorial spread for Vogue Italia in 1991.

What’s so significant about Lady Kier’s style is how different it was of the time, especially in the music industry. Fashion during the 1990s was far from Pucci jumpsuits and fur chubbies with grunge as a burgeoning trend. Although Kier wore outfits that were inspired by the club scene in New York, it wasn’t until the mid-1990s when the general public sought out “psychedelic” fashions.

Today, Kier serves as both an activist and musician and yes, her wardrobe is still “deee-lightful.”


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