Historical Fashion Writing: Vogue Deutschland 1928-1929

All images available on Lumas.com; © Copyright 2003-2016 Avenso GmbH

Shortly before the economic depression and the rise of the fascist Nazi Party impacted Germany, Vogue Deutschland was on the newsstands from 1928 to 1929. These short two years produced Bauhaus-inspired covers with fashion content for the upper-class German woman. The following is a description of the publication that was featured in the Vogue (US) April 27, 1929 article, “When Traveling Abroad” :

“German Vogue, established in April, 1928, in response to an overwhelming demand from German women, will act as a guide to the increasing number of Americans who travel in Middle Europe.

Since Germany derives its fashions from Paris, the same modes appear simultaneously in French and German Vogue. Its editorial features, however, are essentially German…the news of German society, music, art and literature…and particularly articles on modern decoration.”




All images available on Lumas.com; © Copyright 2003-2016 Avenso GmbH

The description also notes that the publication was bi-weekly and sold in Germany, Austria, and other German speaking countries. After it’s closing in 1929, Vogue Deutschland appeared back on the market in 1979, which was in the midst of a two-state division. The covers of the latter Vogue Deutschland have stuck to the standard cover model variation and survived during a state reunification. Although the latter version exudes fashion, the earlier Bauhaus-inspired editions are equally inspiring.



Advertisement. (1929, Apr 27). Vogue, 73, 36.





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