Zitkala-sa and the Politics of Native American Dress

  For months now, the protests of the Dakota Pipeline near Cannonball, North Dakota have swept both US and International news. Occurring near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, groups like the Standing Rock Sioux, other American Indian communities, and their allies have faced cold weather and police aggression to protest the incoming Dakota Pipeline. TheContinue reading “Zitkala-sa and the Politics of Native American Dress”

War Hero and…Fashion Writer? The Life of Edmonde Charles-Roux

Fashion writer Edmonde Charles-Roux passed away at the age of 95. A noted author and journalist, Edmonde Charles-Roux lived a life that was full of adventure and fashion. Charles-Roux was born in 1920 in a Parisian suburb in France. Her life changed dramatically during World War II, as she earned a nursing degree and volunteeredContinue reading “War Hero and…Fashion Writer? The Life of Edmonde Charles-Roux”

The Fashion Statements of Coretta Scott King

Throughout her life and advocacy, Coretta Scott King was known for her calm demeanor and well-dressed attire. In high-stressed situations, she always kept her grace, all while in days suits that were popular during the late 1950s and early 1960s. She emphasized her ladylike style with curled hair, a well-manicured face, and a striking hat. Coretta’s styleContinue reading “The Fashion Statements of Coretta Scott King”

How Cicely Tyson Introduced Natural Hair To Television Audiences

At Victoria’s Secret last annual fashion show, the American lingerie line debuted a look that had never appeared on their runway before, natural hair. Angolan model Maria Borges walked onto the runway before millions with her hair in its natural state, a short Afro-textured pixie. This “reveal” was praised by the press, announcing it asContinue reading “How Cicely Tyson Introduced Natural Hair To Television Audiences”