The Fashionable Side of Guam

Within the United States, Guam is often known as a strategic U.S. naval base. However, the 30-mile island is much more. It is home to a historical and growing fashion culture that incorporates traditional costume with a modern shopping market. Guam is currently an American island territory, but it has a history as both an indigenousContinue reading “The Fashionable Side of Guam”

The Nhu Look: The Fashions of Madame Nhu

Although she was born Trần Lệ Xuân, Madame Nhu was a woman known under many names. She was also called “Tiger Lady” and “Dragon Lady,” which the latter was based on a racist Asian character from the U.S. cartoon, “Terry and the Pirates.” These names were due to her blunt personality and cutting remarks, butContinue reading “The Nhu Look: The Fashions of Madame Nhu”

Nam Phuong, The Woman Who Wore Silver Trousers To Meet The Pope

This post will discuss the life and fashion influence of Nam Phương, the last empress of Vietnam. From a French Convent to An Empire Marie-Thérèse Nguyễn Hữu Thị Lan was born in the French colony Cochinchina, which is located in a southern portion of modern-day Vietnam. Lan grew up in a wealthy Roman Catholic family andContinue reading “Nam Phuong, The Woman Who Wore Silver Trousers To Meet The Pope”

Zitkala-sa and the Politics of Native American Dress

  For months now, the protests of the Dakota Pipeline near Cannonball, North Dakota have swept both US and International news. Occurring near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, groups like the Standing Rock Sioux, other American Indian communities, and their allies have faced cold weather and police aggression to protest the incoming Dakota Pipeline. TheContinue reading “Zitkala-sa and the Politics of Native American Dress”