War Hero and…Fashion Writer? The Life and Work of Edmonde Charles-Roux

From 1954 to 1966, Edmonde Charles-Roux was the holder of a fashionista’s dream. It was her mind that shaped one of the top publications in the fashion industry as the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris. A Charles-Roux issue intertwined eye-catching photography and high-end fashions with text on art, culture, and society. She approached the fashion industryContinue reading “War Hero and…Fashion Writer? The Life and Work of Edmonde Charles-Roux”

Ajita Wilson’s Jet Set Style

Viewers spending their quarantine on Netflix may come across the documentary, Disclosure, which highlights the experiences and exclusions of trans people in American media. Among the interviewees in the documentary is the movie star Laverne Cox. She discusses both her own experience in the industry and others who influenced her career. One name she mentionedContinue reading “Ajita Wilson’s Jet Set Style”

Ruth West, The Woman Who Transformed Pam Grier Into Foxy Brown

Ruth West was the premier designer for some of the top performers of the 1970s. Famous names like the Ann-Margret and the Jackson family would step in and out of her Hollywood storefront to be fitted in eye-catching looks for on and off the stage.  West built this reputation by crafting wares that were notContinue reading “Ruth West, The Woman Who Transformed Pam Grier Into Foxy Brown”

Yva, A Pioneer of the Fashion Nude

Before Helmut Newton was snapping his signature erotica, he was once an assistant to German fashion photographer Yva (1900-1942). The uniquely named photographer was born Else Neulander in Berlin to a working-class Jewish family. Twenty-five years later she became Yva and opened a photography studio in the fashionable KurfĂĽrstendamm district. Through a modernist perspective, sheContinue reading “Yva, A Pioneer of the Fashion Nude”

Dorothy Donegan’s Sequined Statements

Dorothy Donegan (1922-1998) was an American pianist and singer who specialized in jazz, blues, and classical music. She is best known for her animated performances on the stride piano and owning Club Morocco in Los Angeles. Just like her lively piano playing, Donegan’s on-stage attire was attention-grabbing. She wore curve-hugging, intricately decorated gowns that mirroredContinue reading “Dorothy Donegan’s Sequined Statements”